It is a USA innovation, made in America by Americans for Americans.  A USA poster child consumer alternative energy product that can cut more than 50% of your air conditioning electrical bill every month for the next 15 years (180 months).  The product is the only air conditioner completely manufactured in the USA by a 84 year company located in the mid west.  It is not coming off a 250,000 unit per month production line in China. There is pride and craftsmanship built into every unit.

  • Composite base (no metal to concrete)
  • Power painted weather coating
  • Condensing coil almost twice the size of any other condensing unit
  • Emersion Technologies (an American company) Two-Stage Compressors
  • Variable speed fans (saves energy)
  • Extremely quiet (we are using the sun for energy)

Sedna Aire USA products come with a 10 year Warranty.  It is not only an example of USA innovation and technology, it is GREEN in more ways than one!  An air conditioner uses an electrical mechanical device (a compressor) to create pressure & heat to make the refrigerant hot.

We use a solar panel and the sun radiation to accomplish the same task with less CO2 or use of moving parts.  At night we get zero energy and on cloudy or rainy days we still get plenty because the solar panel is collecting radiation and does not necessarily need direct sun light.  If it is 0⁰F outside we will still have 300⁰F+ temperatures in the solar panel, which is great for the heating side of the technology.

Heat pump models are extremely efficient in making use of that free energy.  If everything fails and there is no energy available from the sun, you will still have 100% air conditioning and heating (at 16 SEER), but any and all of the energy that is provided by the sun and the solar collector is energy that you don’t have to pay for. With a solar air conditioner the hotter it gets outside, the more efficient it is inside, which is just the opposite of a conventional air conditioner.

A Solar Air Conditioner is the only air conditioner that uses energy you don’t have to pay for… and that makes it a GREEN product every month when you pay the bills!