Solar Pool Heating is the most economically attractive option for heating pools. Compared to other pool heating technologies, a solar pool heating system pays for itself within 2 to 4 years. In addition, solar pool heating has a superior warranty with an average life expectancy of over 25 years.

In comparison with other pool heating technologies, solar pool heating:

  • Provides the lowest annual operational costs (energy is provided free from the sun)
  • Provides the lowest maintenance costs (minimal if any)
  • Is the cleanest, safest and quietest source of energy
  • Has the longest lifespan (no moving parts, no corrosion – almost always outlasting their warranties)


  • Heat your pool to a warm and comfortable temperature
  • Extend your swimming season up to 10 full months
  • Add value to your pool and home


ALLSOLAR uses the highest quality solar pool heating panels the industry has to offer. We use the Hi-Tec Solar Panels.

Hi-Tec solar panels are Solar World’s premium line. In addition to Solar World’s manufacturing strengths, Hi-Tec solar pool heaters also incorporate:

  • Hi-Tec’s Exclusive EZ Mount mounting system hangs the solar panels comfortably on an angle (usually on a roof), where stresses from panel movement are least significant
  • Hi-Tec solar panels promise the best sealed anchor points in the industry
  • Hi-Tec’s design permits roof anchors to line up so that they may be fastened into your roof trusses throughout the width of an array, up to 12 panels
  • Hi-Tec solar panels have a built-in substrate: “Webs” between the tubes of the absorber rest on the surface (usually a roof), raising the tubes above it.  Therefore, no water-carrying tubes are exposed to the abrasive surface of shingles or tiles, reducing the possibility of wear and leaks.
  • Hi-Tec panels also sport 2″ full-flow headers with direct flow to the absorber tubes reduce pressure, which extends pump life and permits most systems to operate simultaneously with automatic pool cleaners.
  • Hi-Tec’s design also permits anchoring at the peaks of barrel tiles on those more challenging roof installations


Our Hi-Tec Solar heater has no moving parts that can wear out or break. That fact, combined with the product’s special raw material formula and superior bonded construction, means your Hi-Tec solar system will last for many years.

Hi-Tec Solar Panels are protected with a Lifetime Limited Warranty. As long as you own your home, your pool heater is protected under warranty. That’s confidence in our product. That’s peace of mind for you.


Each system is unique due to roof orientation, pool size, shading, pool components and customer demands.  A site visit conducted by an ALLSOLAR representative is the best way to correctly size a solar system and determine cost.